Booting my RockPro64 from NVMe drive
(05-01-2021, 02:14 PM)LMM Wrote: Hi,
  I use Armbian / Focal with a 256G Nvme (PNY)
  in my dmesg log I do not see these messages except the one about Bluetooth. I already had this kind of message when I have a problem with the image I flashed (size truncated) but this is probably not your case.

Yeah, the bluetooth is expected because I'm not using any BT module, but apparently the CRC message is non-critical and it seems to show up to other users too. And about the card not responding to voltage, seems to be from eMMC and SD card interfaces when you're not using any of them.

There is still one message I have no idea:
Loading Device Tree to 00000000f050d000, end 00000000f051ddeb ... OK
incorrect device type in 1

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