axolotl. tor help
(05-01-2021, 07:06 PM)rvh Wrote: the instructions  on the mobian wiki axolotl mobian package the first line git clone ect. when i put this line in terminal i get an error no such file or direcory.

if running Mobian there is now an easy to install .deb package instructions/install here:

for tor client install simply run:
Quote:apt install tor
for the tor client package (Mobian or Debian based).

For Arch/Manjaro:

Quote:pacman -S tor

To use the basic Tor client to route firefox (or other browser/app) as socks5 proxy I did a video on this a while back:

You can apply those same socks5 proxy settings to any other application (as long as it does not block tor).

If you want to run Tor Browser bundle I posted a walkthrough on adding it to your Phosh desktop/interface on video here:

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