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I haven't been following real well, but I can say this: There is never "stock", the Pinebook Pro is always "sold out". That is, there are periodic production runs, and prior to each production run there is a round of pre-ordering. I haven't paid real close attention to recent rounds. But I do recall ISO models being available for pre-order in a recent round. It doesn't seem like there are any available for pre-order currently. You may have to wait for the next round, which according to the latest community update is very much unplanned at the present time. And the price may go up significantly.

Perhaps @Luke can weigh in if the store is correct and there are none available for pre-order now.

If this is true, it may be in your best interest to order an ANSI model and convert it to ISO yourself. But do check to see if the ISO keyboard and palmrest are currently available. (I apologise, I am in limited time or I would look it up in the store).

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