PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
A look at PinePhone keyboard prototype

In this month's community update I wrote that once the keyboard molding arrives from the factory I'll make a post about it. I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting news, so now that it is here (well sorta, I'll get to that) I'm happy to oblige with some show-and-tell.

I decided on posting a forum rather than a blog post simply because there isn't enough here for me to write about to warrant a blog entry. I currently don't have an ETA of final molding, store availability date, functionality status report, etc,. Also, if you just found out about the keyboard's existence, then I encourage you to first read this blog post, followed by the March community update.

Let me give you some context for the pictures and video. This pictured molding isn't actually final - there are still a handful of touchups needed. Most notably, the key caps need to be remolded because the tolerances are currently not quite right. This will take some 2 weeks or so I'm told. The final keyboard will also be all black (although I think it looks nice with the white bit), and of course the key caps will have latter and labeling we all decided on a while back.

Lastly, the video and pictures were shot at the factory, and are meant to show progress rather than being promo material. Also, that PinePhone has seen things Sad 

That's all I have for you today, but it is likely I'll have more details to share in the May community update.
Enjoy the pictures and video below.

[Image: vvqdJPv.jpg]

[Image: QEdy2VI.jpg]

[Image: jplrqr8.jpg]

[Image: 3uedtMo.jpg]

[Image: gyNFZJI.jpg]

Video showing the PinePhone + keyboard open, close, hinge position and stiffness

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