Possible high temperature
(04-14-2021, 07:18 PM)drenedo Wrote: Hi all,

  today i tested the rockPro64. After some time, 30 minutes more or less, I checked the system status and saw the temperature was between 80º and 85º C whit htop command (armbian). The rockPro64 didn't be stressed  and the use of cpu was very normal.

I read than 80ºC is a hight temperature for a rockPro64. Anyone have any experience like that? 80ºC is a normal temperature for the rockPro64? Is strongly recommended a fan or a healtsink? Is possible that htop is readding a wrong value? because this situation has no sense.

It does make sense, your CPU will be thermally throttling itself.

You absolutely should have a heatsink on an RK3399 for most use cases. Depending on your heatsink, enclosure and ambient temps a fan is not essential.
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