PinePhone BE & Pinebook Pro shipping update thread

[11 April 2021] This is the PinePhone BETA Edition and Pinebook Pro shipping thread. It will be updated with details once shipping begins. Any delays, if they happen, will also be reported in this thread.

Please refrain from emailing info and/or support for shipping details, as they don't have additional information to what is relayed in this thread - it just adds to their workload.

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Shipping update edits and entries will also be Tweeted, Tooted, posted in the announcements channel on Discord and in the dedicated News Channel on Telegram.

[19 April 2021] General notice: both PinePhone BE and Pinebook Pro have been split into two (or potentially more) shipping sub-batches. What this means, in practice, is that if you ordered a PinePhone BE or Pinebook Pro prior to April , then your order will dispatch at end of this month. If you ordered after the 12th, however, then your order will ship 2-3 weeks later, once shipping of the first sub-batch is completed.

Stay tuned for updates when shipping begins.

[30 April] China will be celebrating Labour Day May 1st. next week, and as a result of this no shipping will be taking place between May 1-9.

[5 May 2021] Orders placed after April 18th will ship out mid-May.

[May 21] All remaining Pinebook Pro and PinePhone orders will ship next week. See individual device-sections below for details.


[20 April 2021] Shipping of the first portion of BE PinePhone's has now started. Those of you who pre-ordered prior to April 12 will receive their shipping information from DHL within the next 4 days.

As a side-note, we are looking to have one more batch ship out prior to May 1st, for people who pre-ordered April 12-18.

[25 April 2021] There are delays at the Hong Kong airport caused by a pallet of Vivo phones catching fire just over a week ago. Shipments are going out albeit at a slower rate than usual due to additional safety procedures for battery operated devices at Hong Kong airport.

EU specific: good news, PinePhones destined for EU countries should be received on April 30th / May 1st at the EU warehouse, and dispatch to customers should start on May 3rd. So, many in the EU will receive their PinePhone BE between May 4-9th. I'll let you know if anything changes

[30 April 2021] The shipping progress is ongoing. We are aware that the shipping pace is slower than usual - this is due to DHL's Hong Kong shipping circumstances (see previous update entry). 
PinePhones destined for the EU should start arriving in end-users hands next week, but in some cases may first arrive the following week, 10-16th May.

[6 May 2021] There is a few days delay, but PinePhone shipments for EU countries will begin this week. Apologies for the delay - its related to DHL's issues.

[10 May 2021] PinePhones for destined for EU countries have started shipping. The delay in shipment was caused by paperwork shenanigans we sadly had no control over. Regardless, we apologies for the delayed dispatch. The vast majority of you awaiting your phone in the EU (and ordered prior to April 15th) will receive your unit by end of this week.

[21 May 2021] PinePhones ordered after Arpil 18th will start shipping Monday, may 24th. Shipment is scheduled for two dispatch days - the 24th and 27th.
Following the 27th, all remaining PinePhone would have shipped out. We know that we're some week or so behind schedule, apologies for the delay.

Pinebook Pro

[20 April 2021] I have gotten word that the PBP production is proceeding well, without any hiccups. We currently scheduled to start shipping on April 29th.

[30 April 2021] Pinebook Pros have started shipping today. The laptops were delivered late from the factory, which usually wouldn't be a huge issue, but unfortunately (at least from a shipping standpoint) China will be celebrating a May 1st holiday next week. Pinebook Pros that do not get processed until the end of the day today will first ship out on Monday May 10th, or soon thereafter. Apologies if any of you are forced to wait a little longer.

[21 May 2021] All remaining Pinebook Pros will ship by Thursday next week, May 27th. We know that some of you had to wait an extended period of time for this shipment - our apologies.
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