Does PINE64 ship to South America? Is v1.2b the final hardware?
I tried to order the PinePhone Beta today, but the shipping calculator says that it doesn't have a shipper for Bolivia. Since I have friends in Peru and Brazil, I tried putting in their cities as well, but again the shipping calculator reports that it doesn't have a shipper for those countries.

Is the shipping calculator correct that PINE64 doesn't ship to South America? Are there any plans to be able to ship to South America in the future?

My other question is whether v1.2b is the final hardware for the PinePhone. Does PINE64 have any plans to fix the backlight flicker bug? If PINE64 is planning on a final board revision, then I'm willing to wait, but if this is the final hardware, I might as well order now.

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Does PINE64 ship to South America? Is v1.2b the final hardware? - by amosbatto - 04-01-2021, 06:52 AM

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