Product Idea: Pine Graphics Tablet
Graphics Tablet:

It should be fairly easy to repurpose some of the parts from the Pine Tab to make the screen.  It would seem that the main challenge would be to create a PCB  and program the board to function as a "Wacom" type input device.  It also could be as simple as making the tablet mirror the display, and function as the input device as well.  The main missing component would be the pen device itself.  This seems like potentially the biggest challenge, though it may be very simple.
I really like using graphics tablets, but having one that was built openly might make sense to more artists in this age of NFTs.
The ability for a proprietary tablet to have un-patched vulnerabilities that could compromise your original work may become an increased concern in the future.  It might be good to get ahead of the issues proprietary hardware has before people are clamoring for it retroactively because they have lost artwork, or had it compromised in someway.
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