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But not much can be expected from Allwinner A64. It is from 2015 with 40 nm architecture. No wonder poor power efficiency and performance. This is 6! years old hardware not even designed for mobile use, you most probably do not use laptop from that time anymore.

I am writing this on a laptop that was manufactured in 2004. It has a 32-bit "Core Duo" T2300 CPU. Originally designed for Windows XP, I upgraded it to 2GB DDR2 memory (its maximum) and installed an old 30GB SSD I had handy. (The laptop has SATA 1.0.)

I use this old laptop practically ever day. It's now running Linux with LXDE desktop and has no problems with general web browsing and even videos. (Not the fastest thing in the world obviously but it's really not bad.) So the idea of the Pinephone using 6-year-old tech doesn't seem especially worrisome to me, particularly given the price.

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