[PostmarketOS with Plasma Mobile] Angelfish adblock + wpa supplicant time out
I've started to use PostMarket OS with Plasma Mobile this sunday and I found it to be my preferred solution for the PinePhone. It actually has the best usability for me at the moment and I could even think to try using it as my solely daily driver unless I had these two problems (in order of importance):

- Every now and then, the wifi is disconnected because of "wpa supplicant timed out". I just have to manually re-connect to the wifi, but I do not receive a sound/vibration notification of this happening, so I could end up staying hours with a disconnected phone without knowing it
- I can't figure out how to install the version of Angelfish browser with the integrated adblock plugin. I would/could switch to Firefox, but I the virtual keyboard simply does not work with it (there is no way to make it appear).


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[PostmarketOS with Plasma Mobile] Angelfish adblock + wpa supplicant time out - by Egolep - 03-23-2021, 10:25 AM

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