Rebooted after update now no GUI
As fun as the terminal is I would like to have a desktop environment again.

I am running Manjaro-ARM-phosh  on a UBports Edition pinephone.  I ran the latest update on Sunday and after I rebooted it did not boot into the desktop environment.  With an external keyboard I can still login and run terminal commands so I was hopeful a new update would fix the issue but yesterdays update did not change anything.  Is anyone else having this issue or just me? Any suggestions on a next step? I could always flash a new install on but I would like to learn how to fix this in case it comes up again.

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Rebooted after update now no GUI - by BlunderingBushcraft - 03-23-2021, 07:48 AM
RE: Rebooted after update now no GUI - by m_mix - 03-25-2021, 10:24 AM

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