How it works.
Greetings to you.
  I want to write here my thoughts on the topic of your product. I mean a smartphone.
  I think that your decision to release a smartphone completely on your own is a rather bold decision in the modern conditions of the capitalist market. I mean Samsung and Apple. They invest tens of billions of US dollars in their production every year. This allows them to make smartphones that are pleasant to hold in their hands.
 You cannot compete with them at the device level. This is not an insult, but an objective fact. Therefore, I suggest you choose a different path of your development. You can use well-known and popular smartphone models as blanks. For example, recently released a good smartphone Samsung A52. Its price is not high, and there are already videos on YouTube showing how easy it is to assemble or disassemble. You can install pure Linux on these smartphones, and it will be a really successful business model for many years to come.
 For example, you offer a list of smartphones that you can install Linux on on your website. A person chooses a smartphone that he likes and places an order with prepayment. You purchase such a smartphone, perform all the work related to the installation and configuration of Linux on it. And then you ship the finished product to the customer.
 I think that making smartphones on your own, these days, is too expensive and not necessary at all.
 You should focus on trading off-the-shelf Linux devices, and testing the devices in your labs. It will bring you respect among the high-tech professionals, and popularity in the market among buyers.
 I am not an employee of any organization or brand. I'm a regular customer. It's my personal opinion.

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