Serious hinge crapout
I've had my PBP since January 13, 2020.  I didn't use it much for months but since November or so it was my main machine, using it sitting in a recliner.  Which means it got opened and closed maybe 6-10 times a day.  A month or so ago I noticed a crack in the case over where the power adapter plugs in, which opens up a bit as I'm opening the lid.

Suddenly today I hear snapping noises on the right side when I try to close the lid.  So I stopped with it open maybe 45 degrees, logged in over ssh and wifi from another machine to shut it down and there it sits.

Last time I looked a few days ago at the parts page I could no longer buy just the plastic case piece that failed first, I'd have to buy one with a keyboard.  I don't know what failed that's preventing it from closing.  Ameridroid doesn't seem to have many parts in stock so they'll have to come from China (months).  I'll try to get another nvme USB adapter and rescue my nvme drive out of it.  Hinge problems like this in laptops go back 20 years or more, I haven't seen one in years so I thought all the manufacturers had learned how to prevent them.

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