Wrong location / place by GPS - Location Services - GNSS - Maps
Hi guys,

I am not really sure whether this is a hardware or software issue:

Gnome-Maps (or Open Street Maps in the Browser) never gets the location right.

When I am at home, Maps shows some address in Frankfurt, Germany (200 km off); when I go out, the marker never moves on the map but only jumps to slightly closer places once in a while: to the middle of the Rhine (10 kms off), some address in Bonn (5 km off) or some adress in Cologne (35 kms off).

No matter where exactly I am, it is always that particular park in Cologne, that particular spot in the Rhine and so on.

Is there anything I can do?

Best, Anna

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Wrong location / place by GPS - Location Services - GNSS - Maps - by Anna - 03-09-2021, 04:42 AM

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