LCD not working
(06-11-2016, 08:05 AM)talvor Wrote: Hi,

The LCD/Pine64/SD I received do not seem to work.  I do not have an HDMI monitor or TV so I can only use the the LCD screen to set this thing up. I have tried all the different LCD android images and cannot get the screen to turn on.  I am starting to suspect that the LCD is DOA.  

Is there anyway I can verify this?  Should the screen turn on or give any indication of working even without a working SD card?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi talvor

You can use this dd image (burn using win32imager or via terminal on nix; I've liked the smallest dd img - just to verify) or this phoenix card image (remember to set 'startup!'). If you cant get it to boot with either of these / using either method let me know. 

BTW: did you connect the screen and TP correctly ? 

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