SD card read/write troubles
I tried another SD card I've borrowed from a family's member's e-book reader. The card was possible to read on the pb#1 (the working one) and when there was no filesystem read error on pb#2 (the one with SD card issues), I've flashed an OS to the card (manjaro sway). I've booted pb#2 with the SD card and guess what, It booted. I was happy.

So maybe the SD card reader works and the card was the problem? No, because when I tried an OS update or started download of an OS image (to flash to EMMC), the system always froze. As long I did not try to write large data portion to SD card, the system was working flawlessly. So it has to be some SD card reader issue. I used, an USB stick as storage for OS image, flashed it to EMMC and now I have the latest manjaro on pinebook #2. Mission accomplished.

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SD card read/write troubles - by jezek - 03-02-2021, 04:14 PM
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