Linux mobian 5.11-sunxi64 -> GREAT! ... or not?
(03-08-2021, 11:08 AM)scholbert Wrote: In the end two things with the new 5.11 kernel, that drive me nuts:
- modem got lost after sleep (this is reproducable, if i switch back to 5.10 it's gone)
- jitterentropy service goes mad or hangs and gives 100% system load (same here, reproducable, if i switch back to 5.10 it's gone)

Anyone else observing these issues.

Hi scholbert,

Yes I'm seeing 100% CPU on jitterentropy with 5.11 as well. Not good! Also seeing 100% on another core with systemd-devd, so that's two cores fully consumed. Yuck.

I'm not using sleep (I'm actually running with phosh disabled for a specific project) so I don't know if the modem is getting lost.

Now I have to choose between fast charging via convergence dock (5.11) or having > 50% CPU cores available (5.10). Sigh.


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