Linux mobian 5.11-sunxi64 -> GREAT! ... or not?
Hi again,

i'd like to note that there had been some further patches/reworks applied on 5.11 release. Now hitting 5.11.3 version.
Especially this seems interesting:

Thanks a lot to a-wai for stepping again through the whole patchset...
Impressive work!!

So i guess i'll give it a try again... and hopefully my issue with the modem part on 5.11 got fixed now.

O.K. so had to go back to 5.10 again...

In the end two things with the new 5.11 kernel, that drive me nuts:
- modem got lost after sleep (this is reproducable, if i switch back to 5.10 it's gone)
- jitterentropy service goes mad or hangs and gives 100% system load (same here, reproducable, if i switch back to 5.10 it's gone)

Anyone else observing these issues.
I guess i'll have to join the bug tracker...
Thought as well about a clean re-install of a nightly image, though my installation should be in good shape.
Nothing went wrong with the installs and setups in the past.
Sometimes i think, some parts of systemd are not set up properly or there are some race conditions with other services.

But i don't want to mix up things here... sadly the new kernel is not ready for me yet.



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