Installing and tweaking Chromium on Mobian and Arch
(02-26-2021, 11:40 PM)Zebulon Walton Wrote:
(02-26-2021, 09:17 PM)C0ffeeFreak Wrote: Interesting. Any chance you can post a screenshot of what your Chromium looks like with that scaling? I'd like to compare it and consider it myself.

Here's a crude, quick and dirty comparison taken using an old camera and put side-by-side with GIMP. Image on the left is the normal Pinephone screen. Image on the right is with scaling at the 1.75 setting in the script. As you can see, Chromium is normally cut off on the right but fits the screen with scaling and is still quite readable.

[Image: qSQbAZqZ_t.jpg]
Thanks. Scale to fit seems to work on Chromium for me. The three dots for the setting menu are right at the edge of the screen. But that could work on other apps I have that aren't scaling well like Cozy.

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