Installing and tweaking Chromium on Mobian and Arch
(02-26-2021, 12:22 PM)C0ffeeFreak Wrote: From the home screen select the extensions in the top bar (looks like a puzzle piece) and select the extension not the three dots on the side of it and you will see the selection drop down. You may have to make your selections in landscape mode until you get the mobile user agent string set.

Thanks, that did the trick, but it looks like the latest version of Chrome available in the extension is 87.0.4280.101, not 4290. I found that scale-to-fit Chromium on didn't really seem to do anything, but I used the screen scaling script that was posted on the board here (I think it was from here) to make the browser a better fit on the screen. I could not find a link to the that script but it's here below, I've found the 1.75x scale setting works well for Chromium without making things on the screen too small to see. I run it from a .desktop file placed in ~/.local/share/applications.

yad --title scale_screen --form \
  --field='Default dpi (2x scale)':fbtn "wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 2" \
  --field='Low dpi (1.75x scale)!window-restore-symbolic':fbtn "wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 1.75" \
  --field='Medium dpi (1.5x scale)!window-minimize-symbolic':fbtn "wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 1.5" \
  --field='High dpi (1.25x scale)!window-maximize-symbolic':fbtn "wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 1.25" \
  --field='Max dpi (1x scale)!view-fullscreen-symbolic':fbtn "wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --scale 1" \
  --field='Restart Phosh':fbtn "sudo systemctl restart phosh" \

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