Deep sleep shutdown the phone

I've recently got the Mobian's Edition PP and am having an issue with deep sleep since day one, shortly after doing the dist-upgrade. Here are the steps and the outcome :

1) I set deep sleep "on" in settings (be it on charge or on battery)
2) I let the phone go into deep sleep
3) When I come back, pushing the power button boot the phone : the phone was actually shut down (expected behavior : resume the phone and show the lock screen)
4) I enter my encrypted fs password
5) The phone try to boot ... then shutdown
6) Pushing the power button does nothing
7) I have to remove the battery and put it back on for the phone to boot again, or plugging the phone to a power source can also do the trick
8) Then everything is back on track until next deep sleep

At first, I thought I could find the answer on the forums or social networks, that it was a known issue, but no deep sleep issue seem like this one precisely.

As a side note, I've noticed other issues that could be related :

- Chatty don't launch after a cold boot : I have to kill the process and run it again for the window to appear
- Same with the phone app : cannot make calls until I kill the process and start it again
- I actually never got the GPS working : I tinkered a bit applying Mobian's Wiki tweaks, applied the script to speed up the fix, played with mmcli and other stuffs, but never saw any GPS icon in the statusbar nor got any GPS based location in Gnome Maps or Pure Maps (only from Cellular and Wifi). Again, I thought : maybe it's the experimental nature of the phone, until I realized reading blogs and forums posts that some people actually do see a GPS icon in the statusbar (or do they ?) and get GPS location in Mobian.

I understand of the experimental nature of the Pinephone, and I actually love the potential that it bring. I'm not ranting in any way, I'm just thinking that if the issue is on my side, it will not be solved with the next update. And since I'm out of idea to find the cause of all this (mainly the deep sleep issue which is the most annoying), I'm hoping someone know better on the matter and has some idea as to where to start looking...

And thanks for all the community work !

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