My Rockpro64 stopped booting with these error messages please help
SSD do not use a lot of power, but maybe 3A is not enough? It looks like they sell in the Pine Store a 3A power supply just for the RockPro64, all by itself. So I guess it depends how strong you think your power supply really is. If it is just some generic / no-name power supply, they are very well known to lie about specs.

Personally, I only use good name brand power supply (often Mean Well) but anyway you need to make sure you are getting enough power, especially with these symptoms you describe. You can hook up something with more amps (e.g., 4A, 5A, or more) without harm, as the board will only use what it needs. Just DO NOT use a power supply with more voltage.

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RE: My Rockpro64 stopped booting with these error messages please help - by TRS-80 - 02-18-2021, 04:27 PM

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