A Cure for the Moble Data Blues (KDE Community Edition)
(02-25-2021, 04:54 AM)neil2ball Wrote: I wish I had the time to give your post the attention it deserves, but maybe later today.  I was having trouble at the start too.  I even flashed the modem firmware.  However, it turned out that I only needed a new sim card.  My old phone was cdma and was kicked off the network when the phone company switched to VoLTE.  The Pinephone needs a gsm sim card.  I hope that helps for now.  I will check later.

Registered to simply reply to this post.

Is it really as simple as [GSM SIM] for the pine64 phone?  Regardless of the response, ordered (2) T-Mobile SIMs, as they are GSM, to test out the pinephones Ive ordered.  

Hopefully Ill remember to update here once I receive.

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