PinePhone SIM slot
(02-13-2021, 09:04 AM)Niek Wrote: Hello fellow PinePhone enthusiasts,

I received my PinePhone yesterday Feb 13 2012.
I wanted to experiment with one of the different OS available.
When I tried to remove my sim card it got stuck and 3 connector pins were damaged in the process.
I am writing this post to warn those of you who are about to set up you PinePhone for the first time.
Please be careful when placing/removing the SIM card with the sim adapter that is included in the box.
In my experience the provided sim adapter was rough around the edges and the SIM slot is extremely fragile.
I have opened a support ticket so hopefully it will be covered by the product warranty.
If not for this issue I have to say that I am quite satisfied with the delivered product.

Well, I have just done the same thing.  In my case, I read the wiki which made no mention of the sim adapter, and so I tried to put the sim card directly into the lower slot.  It didn't fit, of course, and the process of extracting my sim card, as carefully as I could, has wrecked the card and most likely damaged the PinePhone as well.

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