OV5640 camera module reg read error
Got my PineCube today, and ran into a snag getting the camera working.

I'm running the latest Armbian Focal build (21.02.1 on kernel 5.10.12-sunxi), and whenever I try and access the camera module, whether via ffmpeg or gstreamer, I get the following errors in the syslog:

Quote:[ 2518.009350] ov5640 1-003c: ov5640_read_reg: error: reg=300a
[ 2518.014994] ov5640 1-003c: ov5640_set_power_on: failed to read chip identifier

Also happens about 13 seconds after boot.

Checked the CSI cable, and it seems to be properly seated on both ends. Any ideas?

(I think I got the cedar hardware H264 acceleration gstreamer plugin working, but this kinda derailed any actual testing.)

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OV5640 camera module reg read error - by FrancisTheodoreCat - 02-12-2021, 09:13 PM

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