Asus laptop power supply can also power Pinecil
While waiting for my pine power to arrive I noticed that the standard barrel tip power supply from all of the Asus laptops we have had from the last ~7-10 years are compatible with my pinecil.
I had noticed we had ripped some probes from a logic analyzer and was excited to get my pinecil hot after finding on arrival that the pinecil would not heat up connected to 5v USB C.
What a great mini soldering iron, it was able to dial up to 20v when connected to the Asus power supply and heated up to 300C in less than ten seconds.
Ergonomics with a right-angle laptop charge cable were not perfect but I consider that backup power option once I have a dedicated USB-C brick.
I will be sure to get another pinecil to put into my laptop bag. it makes me wonder if I got a USB-C-->USB-C cable if the laptop's C port could directly power the pinecil from battery.
When not in a workbench situation are there any neat tricks to safely cool the soldering tip?
I guess I have a cheap spiral soldering iron holder that I keep in my toolbox but I want a solution as advanced and portable as the pinecil.

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Asus laptop power supply can also power Pinecil - by biketool - 02-12-2021, 04:33 AM

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