First time working on the PineTime Dev Kit
Hi Everyone,

I have just gone through most of your documentation and I am interested in working with micropython on my PineTime dev kit. However, I seem to be having some difficulty updating the firmware. I currently am using IOS nRF Connect and attempted to update the firmware on my Pinetime. I make a successful connection and upload the  the screen shows a firmware update and it says image loaded ok. At this time it resets and reboots. The PineTime logo shows and it looks like it did when I first opened the package. I have just received this PineTime in Jan 2021 It says the version is PineTime 0.7.1 I'm starting to wonder if I have one that still has the flash protection turned on. Looking forward to learning how to develop for this.

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First time working on the PineTime Dev Kit - by Msaulnier1 - 02-08-2021, 05:47 PM

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