Didn't receive phone, no response from Pine64 at all
Hey guys,
this is a rather sad story:
I ordered a phone with convergence pack last year and was hoping to get it by christmas. But it never arrived.
Instead DHL (who shipped it) decided to return it. So it got back to Poland (Warehouse location for EU). According to DHL it arrived there on the 24. of December. DHL told me that I'm not their contractual partner and pine had to start an inquiry.
Since then I've ben writing emails asking for support but nobody is replying anymore. It seems they're just ignoring me.
The only option left is to claim at least my money back via paypal.

IMHO, if this is the common way to deal with such customer issues it's disappointing.
So this is yet another desperate approach to try to get any reaction.

As usual best regards from Germany


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Didn't receive phone, no response from Pine64 at all - by rn43x - 02-03-2021, 07:08 AM

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