Didn't receive phone, no response from Pine64 at all
(02-09-2021, 12:32 AM)tllim Wrote: When there is hardware and shipment issue that needs support, please file support ticket at https://desk.zoho.com/portal/pine64/home

However, once files Paypal dispute, then Paypal handles and their decision considers as final. Please note that Paypal sometimes charge Pine Store for dispute handling fee.

I had very similar situation, it was definitely a screwuip on dhl side, I got real weird refund of random amount, but the real problem is that pine support at some point just ghosted me. And I didn't even consider paypal dispute, because I kinda trusted pine… And yes, support ticket system is very helpful. No response whatsoever and the ticket is helpfully "late by 1 month" according to zoho. Though the original order is from February, way past one month…

Sadly, after buying A64+ from kickstarter, pinebook pro and pinephone I have to part with pine, I doubt I'll ever be able to talk myself into placing another order with pine Sad

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RE: Didn't receive phone, no response from Pine64 at all - by hacker - 09-11-2021, 01:29 PM

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