VoLTE calls with o2 (Germany)

After a long period of trial&error, my VoLTE with o2 (Germany) works on Mobian. And it was quite easy after all...

Here is what I did:

Disable VoLTE profile autoselection

mmcli -m any --command='AT+QMBNCFG="AutoSel",0'

Select the generic VoLTE profile

mmcli -m any --command='AT+QMBNCFG="Select","ROW_Generic_3GPP"'

Restart the modem

mmcli -m any --command='AT+CFUN=1,1'

Check the selected VoLTE profile with

mmcli -m any --command='AT+QMBNCFG="List"'

Check the VoLTE status with

mmcli -m any --command='AT+QCFG="ims"'

--> response should be
Quote:'+QCFG: "ims",1,1'

if it shows "1,0", checking and disabling the phone's "Aeroplane Mode" might help (it was magically on after the reset in my case)

Change the Network Mode in "Settings - Mobile" to "4g Only" and make a test call. It should work.


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