Mobian Pinephone already out of stock
(01-30-2021, 06:15 AM)richieeee Wrote: I read the blog post that this is the last community edition. Will there be any more PinePhones? Or does it mean the last edition with this hardware and new hardware in the coming months? 

The Community Editions have come with a specific distribution on them and with the back cover branded with that distribution's art. And supposedly $10/phone would go to those developers.

After the last Community Edition, they will sell phones without back cover branding—and maybe without an OS pre-installed, but I don't know. For that matter, maybe they'll stop selling in batches and requiring pre-orders, and people will be able to order and have them shipped right away, but AFAIK no one has said yet. (And they will sell distribution-branded back covers separately.)

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