Pinephone = Linux-only smartphone?
(01-24-2021, 06:57 AM)kuleszdl Wrote: Hi,

I find advertising the Pinephone as "Linux-only" on the main website a bit irritating. I mean. it's a relatively open device and capable of running any systems that get ported to it. And it is supported by SailfishOS, Android to some degree as well. Suggestion: Change it to "Linux-first".
"linux-only" could be understood two ways, "pinephone is only phone capable running gnu/linux" or "pinephone can only run gnu/linux". both are wrong! there is librem phone. i'm not fan of android or sailfishos because they contain too much closed elements in it. at least bsd is open source enough, so it should be available. (hint for someone!)

saying previous comment, clearly pinephone is only major phone capable running gnu/linux at the moment. others may emerge and i hope so!

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