Kernel oops after big-ish writes
Still haven't figured it out. Tried some new things, found some new things:

I erased the SPI partition on the rp64. Still crashed.
I compiled my own idbloader.img and u-boot.itb and dd'd them onto the sd card. Still crashed.
Switched to Manjaro, tried a similar encrypted set up. Dd'd the aforementioned firmware. Still crashed.
        (^^^Found out that upgrading from the 5.9 kernel in the image to 5.10 breaks cryptsetup and makes me unable to unlock a LUKS volume which I could otherwise unlock on my desktop. ...should I report this???)
I tried the official Manjaro image with no encryption at all. Also dd'd the firmware. Still crashed.

On the non-fancy Manjaro install, I found something interesting. I logged in over serial, set dmesg -n 8, and then ssh'd in and did a continuous hexdump of the sdcard; Manjaro crashed after about 15 minutes. But now that I've tried the hexdump loop, but this time logged in over serial only, it's been going for well over an hour with no issues.

Does anybody have any advice?
Can anybody recommend a distribution that will let me back up my files?

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Kernel oops after big-ish writes - by gaeb - 01-21-2021, 01:05 PM
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