What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
Quote:Note: I got bit by the persistent quoting functionality of this forum in my posts and lost most of my previous reply to your above post by trying to clean up a quote mess that I created.

Yeah, the way quoting is done here can be a bit of a pain! I got around it here by using the simple editor and manually copying text and inserting the quote tags.

For now it looks like if I want to use the Pinephone as a computer I'll boot up on the eMMC, if I need to make calls with it will boot up on Manjaro Plasma. Maybe I'll give the multi-boot image a try as well. Tried it a while ago but don't recall what worked and what didn't.

Presumably these dialing issues will be worked out at some point so I'll periodically update Mobian and check it. I do want to stick with Mobian ultimately since I've been running Debian or Debian derivatives on just about everything else for ages and it's what I'm most familiar with. Certainly would be nice to have MTP back as well, but the dialer issue is the real killer.

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