PineBook Docking Deck charging port?

I recently got the PineBook Pro USB-C Docking Deck and think it's really great!  I watched the great first review video mentioned in the last update and it was great.  The video is the only place where I found mentioned which port to plug my charge into so that it delivers it to the PBP.  The video states that it is the lone USB-C port on one side and not the 2 together on the other side.

Something seems wrong.  Here is my experience.

Port 1 does not provide any charging.  Ports 2 and 3 do but may not be enough. (see attached images)

So on my deck only ports 2 and 3 say charging.  However, I believe that they might not be providing enough power to really charge the PBP.  I'm checking that now by charging through the Dock while doing nothing on the PBP.  It's just sitting there without any apps running or windows open.


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PineBook Docking Deck charging port? - by ColoBill - 01-13-2021, 08:56 PM
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