BSD host of issues on reboot from fresh install
Quote:# pkg lock PKGNAME

Good to know, thank you!

The compiling threw some errors. Consequently a couple of hairs in my stubble turned grey because it is a learning opportunity not a disappointment. Will research them later today. It feels like just installing Samba would be a shortcut at this point. haha! I am very impressed with the aluminum case Pine64 sells for it. The case never got beyond 32degreesC even with sustained high CPU loads. Hadn't thought to verify the CPU temp, but will check it underload later today.

How much longer do you have to wait until you get your RockPro64? Days, weeks, do not know?
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RE: BSD host of issues on reboot from fresh install - by MNtinkerer - 02-27-2021, 11:09 AM

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