BSD host of issues on reboot from fresh install
(02-18-2021, 10:05 PM)zer0sig Wrote: Thanks, I'm not doing much with my RockPro64 other than letting it sit there and wait for me to implement something useful, and a FreeBSD based light NAS/media server would be slick. Was going to also use it as a media-friendly desktop but I'm guessing that is probably not very advanced in FreeBSD from my experience, though I wouldn't mind being surprised.

Would you be using native BSD tools or adapting Linux tools that are binary compatible? While I was searching for a solution for my original problem I remember reading someone either in the FreeBSD or Pine64 forums had put together a FreeBSD w/desktop OS for the PBP.

For a media file server I am able to stream 1080p from a RockPro64 host using samba with an Ubuntu host from an ayufan image, to several devices simultaneously, something entirely within range of a FreeBSD host. My bottleneck is the HDDs since they are encrypted and configured with RAID6 and through a Marvell chipset on the PCIe to SATA card it is  limited to 30Mbs. Without RAID that jumps up to about 100Mbs, I've never tried it without encrypted disks or using SSD. ZFS benchmarks on other architectures usually performs slower than RAID6 on read times but at 4K quality video one should be ok to feed at least one client, but likely 2 easily. When I migrate to a FreeBSD host I will likely not use encryption for my media files, it is just something I've always done out of habit. As a matter of fact, after reading your reply I started thinking about 4K since we just bought our 1st 4K television and most of our saved video is 720p or 1080p.
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