Seems like Phosh is in downgrade mode...
(03-22-2021, 03:53 AM)dawg161 Wrote: Nice work ryo. I too am thinking of the pinephone more as a handheld desktop than a phone, but that’s just what my plan was when I bought it, a nice thing about it is that it is so flexible.

What I’ve been doing to meet my desktop needs is actually running a desktop environment when I want that and phosh when i want more phone like. There’s a program packaged in some distros (but not mobian, where I had to build it from source) called lightdm-mobile-greeter that lets you choose sessions upon login. Right now on Mobian I have MATE installed and it works great. On fedora XFCE was perfect, and an older fedora image GNOME was great. I’m not sure why results vary. Anyway MATE is very usable as long as onboard keyboard is installed. I also have fvwm installed as a backup session in case something goes crazy and it works fine too

You mean I could have both Phosh and MATE under Mobian on my phone? I also like FVWM... what about Cinnamon? I use Linux Mint Cinnamon on my desktop and duplicating the environment on my phone might be cool.

So any instructions for building lightdm-mobile-greeter on my phone?

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Seems like Phosh is in downgrade mode... - by ryo - 01-07-2021, 08:07 PM
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