Seems like Phosh is in downgrade mode...
(01-13-2021, 08:32 AM)kqlnut Wrote:
(01-13-2021, 05:47 AM)ryo Wrote: For those of you wanting to see the X button back in the activity switcher, I have a feeling that this is more of a theme specific issue rather than a function issue.
While running Phosh on my PC (Manjaro with Gnome, default Manjaro theme), the X buttons are there.
With the Phosh 0.6.0 release the X to close windows was changed to be visible only on hover, effectively making it only visible when there is a mouse pointer.
OK, that makes sense.

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Seems like Phosh is in downgrade mode... - by ryo - 01-07-2021, 08:07 PM
RE: Seems like Phosh is in downgrade mode... - by ryo - 01-13-2021, 04:07 PM

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