Hardware problems with PineBook Pro
I am not real sure where to send this request. In late 2019, probably between late November and mid December, I ordered a PineBook Pro. This laptop was selected for a few reasons: Mainly the initial cost of the unit, and also the operating system. I did not, and still do not, know that much about the Manjaro programming language but understand that it is either a subset of Linux or is based on Linux. And I am trying to learn the Linux programming language. My use of the PineBook Pro would be as a study aid to use with a desktop computer that has Linux as the operating system. I plan to have a lesson or problem on the screen of the desktop and work on the solution on the PineBook Pro.

Not very long after my order was placed the first word about the corona virus came out in the news media and the factories in China started shutting down. Then other companies around the world started cutting back on their production because many of the parts that were needed were manufactured in China and were subject to the general shut down. Thus, all shipments of PineBook Pros became delayed. My order was finally shipped sometime between mid April and early May. It was delivered about the middle of May 2020.

The first time I turned the PineBook Pro on, I was able to go completely through the initial setup process. However, that was the only time that laptop even got past the login screen. Since that time, and I have attempted to turn it on and try to use it at least once almost every other week, the PineBook Pro only gets to a state where the power LED shows green and the three security switches (the microphone, the WiFi, and the camera switches) would show any indication of being pressed. The display would be black and would not respond in any way to any keyboard input or command. It seems to me that there is some hardware malfunction or problem that is preventing the PineBook Pro from powering on and becoming fully operational. I am requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) so that this PineBook Pro can be returned to the distribution location and thoroughly checked out for any and all problems with the hardware inside this laptop. As it is right now, this laptop is and has not been usable for anything.

My email address as shown in the user profile is watched more than the forum so any answers and/or suggestions would be seen quicker if sent in an email than in a forum post.
Thank you,
James Good

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