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(06-05-2016, 12:30 PM)akool64 Wrote: I'm located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
I understand that the antenna attaches too the board. Where does the other end attach? The end of the antenna with the sticky pad?

Ok, so you want to be looking for a right angle tact switch. I found this one, but there are plenty of other options out there. I'm not familiar with American electronics stores, but if you were to walk into one and ask for a right angle tact switch (perhaps also take a picture of one with you), you should have no troubles.

You are aware, I'm sure, that you will need to solder the switch to the board. It is a fairly straightforward soldering job, but if you lack experience, it can be fiddly, and you can cause damage by holding the soldering iron to the joint for too long.

Edit: see also this thread (which also links to other threads) about switches.

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