Thoughts on 30 day hardware warranty?
What are the community's thoughts about the 30 day hardware warranty on the Pinephone?  It's basically what's been holding me back from pulling the trigger on one.  In light of the recent news about the upcoming retail channel, I posted comments there and under the December update asking this question, and even tried to PM Lukasz but never heard back.  I was wondering if there were plans this year for a more traditional warranty than the 30 days.  I'm a Linux enthusiast so I feel right at home in the community (and not the retail channel), but, one's Linux or software expertise has nothing to do with the risk of developing a hardware problem after 30 days.  Perhaps is the concern not so great because the hardware is so inexpensive and the boards can be purchased and replaced?

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Thoughts on 30 day hardware warranty? - by bartleby - 01-06-2021, 02:24 AM

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