Please make the laptop of my dreams! :D
(01-03-2021, 01:02 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: There are physical switches in the touchpad on the Pinebook Pro.  (I pushed one so I could type here).  They aren't what I'd prefer because they are built into the touch surface.  You *can* press them without causing mouse movement by pressing in the far corner.  But I agree, separate buttons would be ideal.  However, as you can see by looking at it, there is no place to put such buttons due to the larger size of the touchpad.  If you want "usable for work" use a mouse.  I find that many expensive Wintel laptops require this, too.

That is a bit better. I prefer a bit smaller touchpad but with physical buttons.
Sometimes I use my laptop without a mouse and this kind of touchpad is not really productive... mouse is not always a solution, especially with a portable device.

I find this kind of touchpad is similar to the notches in modern phones.
"Somebody" started doing it in the centre of screen and every sheep followed the same not really good idea which currently has a modified position of a corner.
Also there is another recently appeared crazy idea of a V-type notch.

So an idea which is in use by many manufacturers is not necessarily a good idea just because others are also using it...

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