Please make the laptop of my dreams! :D
I am only a few minutes into PINE64 but totally I think it's love from first sight with your philosophy!

I want to describe the ideal product for me and hopefully you say something like "yeah, we are actually working on one, to be released next year"... Wink

Sorry if any of this is caustic, I am just so frustrated and tired of consumer tech right now...

My first problem is screen size. I don't know why, as technology advances, screens get smaller...
Like smaller is better? I mean, sure, for my back I guess... But what about my eyes? Smile

* I think the ideal monitor size for a laptop is 15-16". I'd go with 16, if given the choice.

My second gripe is with touchpads - I've never seen one that works, not to my standards at least...
I am willing to give up on lots of features and pay a huge premium just so I can click things.
You know, like laptops used to be, with 2 button under/over the touchpad.
Not sure when/why it was decided that buttons are bad Smile

Anyway, I'll be looking to buy the 14" Pro right now (can't find it anywhere in the UK?).

BUT: if you made a 15/16" with trackpad+buttons - I'd pre-order one right now and I would be flexible with price!

I am sure I won't be the only one - a lot of people just want a laptop for moving around and doing daily things, with:
- No added costs and power usage from ridiculous attempts to make laptops powerful
- No dependency on Microsoft, who act like they bought us and not the other way around
- Decent screen because why buy a laptop at all, if viewing it is a terrible experience?

Honestly, if there's anything I can do to increase the chance you produce one, let me know!

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