Why the 12/15/2020 build is no where near a daily driver yet
(12-28-2020, 01:12 PM)TheLastDon Wrote: ...
1. To warn others not to waste their time installing the latest build if they are looking for a daily driver.  Mobian is in a state that is mostly unusable. 

You are welcome to your opinion.

I disagree.

I use my PinePhone for my phone calls (in & out, VoLTE when in LTE signal, I don't have a landline), SMS (in & out and the basis for a vehicle security application), Telegram chats, email (evolution which also populates all my contacts and will be where I bring my calendar when I get the urge), RSS feeds & podcasts (liferea), web browsing (FireFox-ESR) and terminal work as necessary. Let alone printing various bits that I need, occasional music (via lollypop) and videos (via mpv). The camera is good enough for me to record bits and in fact takes OK pictures if there is sufficient light. Battery life is fine for me - for sure needs to be charged every night but that was the same with my last Android. Equally 3-4 hours browsing and video download/playing will probably require a charge earlier than bedtime.

When I am home my mobile phone subscription is my only internet gateway and provides tethered internet access for my desktop work via an RJ45/ethernet connection in a USB-C hub that plugs into the phone. (In the same way I am unenthusiastic about FAANGS I am underwhelmed by WiFi.)

For sure loads of things I wish for but my basics are well covered. I used to have to reboot several times a day - now I reckon I am running 3 or more days between boots. (My current system log is at 95918 seconds which isn't too shabby considering the clock stops effectively in CRUST mode.) I don't believe I have any special skills to get this usable - but for sure several years using linux on my desktop is invaluable.

And yes I do have a third/Android phone. It was last switched on on 25 December for a Signal video call (in fact I can now do Telegram calls if I use version 2.4 in Arch), previous to that about 15 December for a stupid loyalty app I have as well as a COVID locator app that keeps my government happy.
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