New version of MCUBoot bootloader : I need your help!
Thanks for the information.

I also tested three of the testfw... firmware versions, the big version, the random version and the no-validate no-watchdog version.  All worked correctly, I got back to my current firmware without getting bricked.  I didn't try the remaining version since your description says it seems to brick the watch until the battery runs out.

I used Gadgetbridge (version 0.50.0) and my Pixel3A phone to do the updates.  I noticed that the Gadgetbridge firmware update page says "Pinetime firmware (unknown version)."  Later on the page it says "hardware (unknown)".  Is it possible to supply the firmware version information and which hardware the firmware is for to Gadgetbridge?  It would make last minute mistakes less likely.

When doing the OTA uploads the uploads failed several times for each testfw.  Eventually I got them loaded.  This has happened before when loading newer versions of the firmware.  Any idea what the problem is when it takes several tries to upload a new version of the firmware


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