Getting the dock to work.
(12-26-2020, 03:53 PM)tophneal Wrote: if you're not using it, try switching to linux-pinebookpro. it could be the mainline kernel. IIRC something "broke" video through docks ~5.8.
Thank you for your response. I installed your suggestion, then I found information in the December Community update and tried that. Nothing seemed to make the video out on the dock work.

Then I found that when I jiggled the connector, the external monitor came on. So in the end the dock video out ports are working if I can get the connector just right. Of course bumping the machine when it is running, shuts everything down again. As I mentioned the only USB C item I have is the Dock, so I am not sure if the dock connector is bad, or the connector on the Pinebook Pro itself is bad since I have never used the connector on the Pinebook Pro until I purchased the dock.

Thanks again for your response, it looks like my problem is a hardware problem.


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