No internet access through Pinephone hot spot
OK, I got the phone running on an SD card flashed with the latest nightly build of Mobian. I set up the APN for mobile internet and I have connectivity on the phone. Initially it was the same situation, "Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot" greyed out, and no internet on the laptop when setting the hotspot up manually with nmcli.

However, after rebooting the phone, the GUI "Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot" menu item was no longer greyed out. So I turned on the hotspot that way, but the laptop still had no internet connectivity. Went in with nmtui and the hotspot connection was already marked as Shared. Exited without changing or saving anything and the laptop suddenly was able to ping out to the internet. Rebooted the phone on the SD card and it still seemed to be working.

Then, booting up on my original installation I was unable to replicate that, so I guess I need to decide whether it's worth blowing away my encrypted Mobian installation on the eMMC (which otherwise is set up the way I want) in order to do this. I guess for now if I want to use the hotspot I can just boot off the SD card.

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RE: No internet access through Pinephone hot spot - by Zebulon Walton - 12-23-2020, 06:57 PM

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