No internet access through Pinephone hot spot
(12-23-2020, 08:48 AM)Zebulon Walton Wrote: I decided to try out the wifi hot spot feature since that looks like something that could be useful. Out of the box, the "Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot" 3 dots menu item in Settings/Wi-Fi is greyed out. So I set it up via command line per the Mobian wiki :

If you start with a fresh Mobian install then I suspect it should work out of the box. You have to enable WiFi first, then the "Turn on WiFi Hotspot" option will be available in the hamburger menu.

The reason I say "suspect/should" is I use USB or ethernet tethering. For sure USB tethering does indeed work out of the box on Mobian, ethernet tethering needs a tweak that can be done via the nmtui user interface. I have a multi-port USB-C dongle that includes an RJ45 socket: plug it all in then go into nmtui, edit the wired connection and change the IPv4 configuration to "Shared" (from Automatic). (In the early days this sharing was also required for USB; in fact I suspect it may be what is missing from your connection and a quick nmtui may fix things?)
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