freenas on pine64, help!
(06-04-2016, 03:57 AM)salvolnn Wrote: Hello everyone!
I also bought me this amazing product.
I would like to make a nas with freenas and I would like to know who is more experienced, how can I do.
freenas can be installed on 64-bit architectures arm but do not know the steps to do ...
can someone help me?

Hi Salvolnn,
Are you trying to use it as a media server?  That is what I am using mine for now.

I bought it as a Synology work-alike and it works great!

I am using 4GB external USB 2.0 hard drive with NFS, Plex(for Music to my phone), and TVHeadend.
It realistically should even be able to handle a couple of Bluray quality movies at the same time with your wireless network likely being the bottleneck(on Wireless N).  You just need to have your pine A64 either run over powerline ethernet/ethernet to a gigabit router or to a gigabit router directly.

If this is what you are wanting to acomplish, I can explain how I set everything up in more detail.

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